Chjango Unchained: Interview with Rick Dudley

Laconic is a performance-optimized attestation chain that watches Ethereum and provides light client verification and targeted querying in a verifiable manner. Ethereum has been plagued by centralized chokepoints such as Infura simply because of extremely expensive computational bottlenecks for the individual node to self-verify its blockchain data. Laconic makes data access, verifiability, privacy, and control significantly cheaper in order to reach broader consumer demand for web scale while preserving decentralization, bringing the industry to its next phase of growth on the blockchain technology adoption lifecycle.

Guest: Rick Dudley

Through Vulcanize, Rick Dudley and his team have been working over 4 years to develop the technology leveraged for Laconic. Their innovations have evolved into Laconic Network. Taking early learnings from working with Cosmos SDK and Ethereum, he integrated improvements within Laconic. Rick is one of the co-authors of EIP-1559, and was there in the early days of Cosmos, making him a hybrid Etherhead-Cosmonaut.


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