How can I check the status of a validator node?

You can check if the validator node is running as a systemd service, check logs, and determine if your node is in sync with the chain.

Is the systemd service running?

Check the service with

sudo systemctl status ethermintd

The output should show that the service is active (running).

If the service is not running, check that you have the service file set up correcly: Running a Full Node.

If the service file is set up correctly, try restarting the service

sudo systemctl restart ethermintd

Where are the logs?

You can view the logs with the journalctl command.

journalctl -u ethermintd

View the most recent logs

journalctl -xeu ethermintd

Tail the logs

journalctl -f -u ethermintd

Is my node synced with the chain?

Use the ethermintd command to check sycn status

ethermintd status 2>&1 | jq -r ".SyncInfo"

If catching_up is false, your node is synced.