Senior Blockchain Developer, GoLang

Senior Blockchain Developer, GoLang

Job Description

As a member of the Cerc, Inc. engineering team, you will contribute to the creation of a new L2 blockchain and a data marketplace addressing a vast and growing market. You will contribute code and review others’ code on projects spanning multiple technologies.

The product is nearing launch readiness, and your challenge will be to study and understand the overall architecture and our unique innovations, while contributing immediate value to known problem areas, such as database optimization.

Your deep expertise in blockchains (eg. Ethereum, Cosmos) and proficiency with the GoLang language and libraries will allow you to make immediate contributions to the software and set the future directions to facilitate our success on the market and ensuing growth.

You will write and review code in GoLang, with Typescript and Python playing important parts in our product as well. You are fluent with Git, are accustomed to remote work, and have worked on small teams in a startup environment in the past.

About Cerc, Inc.

The source of proof (truth).

Cerc, Inc. is a core contributor to the Laconic Network, with a mission to accelerate blockchain interoperability and adoption by providing DApp developers and users with greater access to verifiable data.

We’re building a novel way of storing Ethereum and other blockchain data in PostgreSQL with IPFS and IPLD. We’re looking for a PostgreSQL database expert to help us complete the product vision and scale it to handle the needs of growing Web3 and DApp demands.


  • Proficiency in writing GoLang code for complex, production environments.
  • Fundamental knowledge of how blockchains work.
  • Ability to use Docker and Kubernetes, and to maintain complex development environments.
  • Proficiency with Linux operating systems and tools (eg. bash, jq).
  • Understanding of blockchain infrastructure.
  • Understanding of basic elements of cryptography (eg. hashing algorithms, Merkle DAGs, Fraud Proofs.
  • Adherence to best practices in cybersecurity.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in CS, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience using relational databases, key-value databases.
  • Mastery of IPFS and IPLD (can be learned on the job).
  • Prior remote work experience.
  • Must feel comfortable in a small but growing startup environment.

Job Responsibilities

  • Extend and maintain our fork of go-ethereum.
  • Write production code in Golang, some Typescript and Python, and possibly Rust.
  • Review and test code from colleagues and external sources.
  • Cross-team collaboration to coordinate safe, efficient releases.
  • Perform root cause analysis for production and testnet errors.
  • Investigate and resolve technical issues.

Bonus Points

  • Ideal working times are aligned with UTC−05:00 (Eastern).
  • Understanding of the Cosmos SDK.
  • Understanding of Ethereum clients (eg. Geth).
  • This is the ground floor, the elevator is going up.

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