The Big Introductions Thread

Welcome to the big Introductions thread!

Please intro yourself in the comments.

@jparillo you are the first external person to make it in! Please do intro yourself.

We use this space to slowly start building out docs and explanations of the Laconic Network and it’s components.

Feel free to post any questions or feedback you have: we need them to flesh out the FAQ!

Hi Everyone,

Great to be part of the team and excited to be the first external member to join. My name is James Parillo, from Figment. Figment is a web3 infrastructure provider that supports over 40 networks with running proof of stake validators, full nodes, produces marketing and education materials, and lastly runs an early-stage VC fund. I’m currently co-lead of new opportunities at Figment Inc. and investment strategy for the fund with my partner Gavin. Looking forward to meeting you all and collaborating!

Welcome, James, I look forward to meeting you and working with you. I think that you bring a lot of insight to our potential addressable market that I’d love to benefit from.


My name is Jerad. I’m currently a Technical Project Manager at Lullabot and I sideline as a VR developer and designer focusing on 3D interface design and immersive art. I like data visualization especially in terms of spatial design and am good at hooking up APIs to 3D graphics, general project management, and I do some PHP, Node.js, and React coding (though the latter are not my current areas of interest). You can find me anywhere as sirkitree.

Robert invited me to the group and I thought I’d see what’s happing. Looking forward to learning more about this project and meeting new folks :slight_smile:

Edit: I see you’re working some with Cosmos, so I’ll just drop this link here to a project I did a while back for visualizing data from Cosmos: Dropbox Paper

That is super cool! I added that project to our resources section

Can’t wait until we point this at our own testnets! Welcome!

Hello everyone! Time to introduce myself properly.

Who I am

Guillaume, usually known as G/ (Gee) or nls as my first name is just a mess to pronounce in the US.

A french guy now located in Houston, TX. I’ve started using crypto 10 years ago but I’ve just recently been looking into how these things work and trying to be more involved into the technical aspect of them. I am now deeply interested in how we could put and retain binary data (images and so on) on the blockchain.

What do I do for a living?

I’ve been working alongside @robertDouglass for the past 6 years, working on Platform as a Service product as a Solutions Architect. I’ve been developing and hosting web stuff for the past 23 years (damn!). I also run a small photography business that is more a passion than a real gig.

How can I be helpful?

As I said, I love designing, developing, and hosting web applications. So let me know if I can be of service on this.

See y’all around!


Hi! My name is Rick. I have so many interests and twists/turns in my background. In no particular order…

  • Serial Startup Co-founder: (COO newmedia, CPO DRUD, CTO Contact Mapping).
  • MIT, PhD: Van der Walls forces meets carbon nanotubes meets quantum mechanics.
  • Author: Wrote “Winning the Lottery Within” to highlight how we co-create our stories, our lives.
  • Drupalista: A decade of experience within and contribution to a fantastic open source community.
  • PCI Compliance: Wrote a heavily cited white paper on credit card security for eCommerce.
  • Startup CXO Advisor: Serve as a sounding board to several colleagues starting their entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Web3: I’m actively researching this space, particularly oracles, zk tech, NFTs, hardware wallets, etc.
  • Coach: Experiences range from sports to creating & running professional development trainings.
  • Writer: Spanning personal blogging to print publications (magazine and newspaper).
  • Cyclists: Active enthusiast. Find and follow me on Strava!

I recently left web2 for good in October of this year, and I’m currently working half-time at Atomic Form while I keep exploring the rabbit holes of web3.

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Hey there,

My name is Alex and I’m the head of operations for Island Pay.

Blockchain enthusiast since 2015 and always seeking out innovative spaces.

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Hi!My name is Maxim.I am interested in many areas, in particular yours.I’m glad to join you.

Cool. Focused on The Bahamas for now looks like. Are you based there?

Hello there, I’m Stanley and I am Happy to be here :relaxed:

My name Alex.
I’am Individual Proof-of-Stake Validator
Moniker: AlxVoy

hey everyone! glad to be here – i’m michelle, a digital artist (primarily doing 3d animation + VR, biosensor x art, and sustainable fashion). check out some of my work + projects here.

full time, i’m a full-stack experience architect at atomic form, doing rapid prototyping + r&d experimental efforts to explore permutations of what nft and digital identity could look like in the future. in previous roles, i’ve worked in healthcare, finance, and tech.

i’m also the founder of akiyadao, a japanese ecovillage project that is run by the community + funded by nfts.

excited to see everyone around!

Super cool! Welcome @michellehuang42.

Will you be at the Web3 UX Unconf in Amsterdam? @depatchedmode is doing a lightning talk on “what is a wallet?” :sweat_smile:

@chadkoh is on the Fission team and is going to be based out of Kyoto. Maybe he can visit the DAO — sounds awesome!

Hi Michelle. I have actually heard about your project before. I think I saw it on Twitter…? Anyways I joined the Discord and took a look around. As an ops person I narrowed in on that, and offered a little bit of advice on some akiya down southwest, where I know a group renovating houses. They told me a bit about their challenges. (I was planning on writing an article on their activity for a real estate development magazine, but then I had to leave Japan). Anyways… enough background! I will put some comments in the Google doc. Welcome to Laconic!

Hi Team,

This is Julian from Vixello here. We are an blockchain infrastructure & validation organisation with geographically redundant datacenters, in-house DevOps & information security team. We also have our Web3 development team with multi-project experience on Solidity, Truffle, HardHat, React, NextJS and More.

Looking forward to be an active and relevant member of Laconic community !!